Monday, 8 June 2015

Kids clothing sizes - WTF

Dude. Something I was totally unprepared for in my journey of Motherhood.

Kids clothing sizes. I literally can't even.

First of all naming schemes are different in each country. Being the Texas made - Australian born - Kiwi blooded baby that Sophie is, we have clothing from everywhere - and they all have different terms!

Second of all - nothing is consistent!

Sophie currently fits the following sizes:

0-3 months
2-4 months
3 months
3-6 months
6 months
6-9 months

Some of the more amusing size situations:
Pyjamas - Gymboree 6-9 months is now too small (but her Gymboree 3-6 months are too big for her)
In both onesies and overalls, I have been saving the cutest Osh Kosh things for her, now the 6 month onesies don't fit, and the overalls are nearly too small!

Gah, lol this is all way too confusing for this Petrophysicist, give me quantum physics to figure out and I might have more luck. Can I get an Amen?! Does anyone else find this bonkers? Haha it cracks me up. That 6-9 month pair of pyjamas were in a storage box for way later in the year and I happened to pick it up and think, shit this is tiny compared to the 3-6.. Maybe I should try it now. And its nearly too small already!

My lesson learned here fellow parent, is that one must be ever vigilant. If we stay alert we can win this fight against the oppressive and confusing clothing size villains.


Here are 10 things I think are easier to understand than what size clothes your kid should fit:

The theory of relativity
Someone with a Cajun accent
Why Kim Kardashian is famous
The rules of AFL
Debate over the designated hitter in baseball*
Simultaneous equations and long division and well most maths
Why anyone buys Chris Brown records after that night
The science of Macaron baking
The story line of Lost


One day Soph fits the newborn size and then she is in 6-9 months. Hahaha. Seems legit :p

*Rob gave me that one lol

And here is a gratuitious cute Sophie photo.
Although may it be noted that in this photo she is wearing a 3 month cardigan,  3-6 month singlet, 3-6 month stockings, NB Mocs and a 0-3 month dress.


  1. Such a funny post!!! Yes sizes are bonkers. Letty can still fit in some 2T skirts! It's insanity. Someone needs to regulate these sizes!!!

  2. Hahaha glad you liked it! I had fun writing it, even if the inspiration for it was frustrating :P


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