Monday, 1 June 2015

Leibster Award - and making new friends!

Why I love the Liebster Award

I like to share experiences (I like to talk about myself).
I like to learn more about other bloggers (I am nosey).
I love lists (I am neurotic).
There is high potential for randomness on a post like this (I am nuts).

Nominated by a super cool Mama with a lovely wee bebe at Tales and Tea - you should totes check her out y'all.
I love following along on her Instagram and blog.

10 Facts About Me

I love the rain.
I met my husband 9 and a half years ago. In the back of my friends car.
I wanted to be a marine biologist my whole life. Until I started the degree.
I read somewhere that eating dates makes your childbirth easier. I ate dates everyday in my last trimester. And now I cannot go a day without eating them.
I once got bitten by a zebra. True story.
I have lived in 17 houses so far in life.
I have a BSc, and a MSc (Hons) but I like to spend most of my time LMAO with my BF and BFF. LOL
I have super eclectic music taste, I love all music. Except country music.
I could never stand the taste of coffee until I got pregnant. Then I craved it. Now I have to have it daily.

That time I wrote a book. Of sorts.

Answering the questions from Faye

1 - What is your favourite book and why?
Gold and Greenstone, by Barry Crump.
It is one of the first novels I remember reading. And I can always go back and read it and enjoy it again. IT reminds me of NZ, my Dad, my childhood and just well, nice thoughts. In fact, I might go read it now.

2 - Any pets?
Not right now. Potential expat travel makes pets difficult.
But if I had a choice we would have all the animals. 

3 - What is your favorite sandwich?
Hmm.. something meaty. With salad. And mucho fresh herbs.
I couldn't say a favorite, but if I was to have one right now it would be...
Bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, capsicum, coriander, avocado... Okay I am drooling now. Dammit.
4 - What hobbies do you have?
Um, blogging. Sewing. Vintage dresses. Playing touch rugby.
Actually, hobbies and a newborn don't really mix.

My favorite hobby.

5 - Slipper or no slippers?
Slippers. Our house is freezing!

6 - What is the best thing you have ever made?
By far, my little girl. I still can't believe we made such a bad ass baby.

Seriously. This kid.

7 - If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

8 - What do you do to relax?
Listen to music and walk. 

9 - Name one brand that is worth a follow.
Hmm. I'm not sure.

10 - What is your one main goal in life?
I hope to make people in my life happy, and do more good than bad in this world.

11 -Why do you blog?
I started the blog when we moved to the States so that I could share our adventures with friends and family. It became a creative outlet for me, which I needed in such a corporate and scientific environment.

How it works...
(I have totally stolen this text from Faye, because I am lazy #sorrynotsorry)
  -1- Make sure you mention the lovely person that nominated you
-2- List 11 facts about yourself if you so wish
-3- Answer the questions that you were bestowed by that lovely person who nominated you
-4- Nominate some lovely bloggers for the award
-5- Create 11 questions for those love bloggers mentioned above
-6- Make sure that you let those lovely nominees know about it so that they can tag along if they want to! No pressure at all to get involved, but you are definitely worth a mention for one reason or another :)


And my questions if you would like to play along!

What is your favorite holiday period?
Tea or coffee?
If you were a cupcake, what flavour would you be?
What is your life theme song?
What is your favorite spot in the whole world?
What is one thing you have ticked off your bucket list?
Who would play you in a movie about yourself?
If you had an all-expenses-paid holiday, where would you go?
Sweet or Savoury?
Toughest thing about blogging?
What got you into blogging?

Why did I include this photo? Who knows?


  1. Ok, but these are pretty brilliant!

  2. Ahhh I love this! You were bitten by a zebra?! Haha how very random! And that sandwich you mentioned....sounds AMAZING. I need it in my life right now! X

    1. Lol I know right. Zebras are meaner than they look. And I thought they were just horses that wanted to party :P

  3. Thanks for the nom love! I feel like I keep learning new things about ya! And I love it!

    1. Thanks - isn't that the best thing about blogging! xo

  4. Thanks lovely! Sorry I missed this, it's a good thing you tagged me on Instagram!!! Sorting out my response post now :D x


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