Tuesday, 16 June 2015

We have a 5 Month old!

Oh my sweet girl.
Every day I get home from work and I feel like she has grown more!

At five months, Sophie,
Loves to eat. She eats a combination of expressed breast milk, formula and boobs,
She gets very excited by either bottles or boobs, and can hold her own bottle.
Loves her Johhny Jumper. like LOVES it. If we take her out she cries sometimes.
When she smiles she is the sweetest little thing, but she has a very funny, stern frown.
Loves to play on the mat. Her favorite is when her pants are off. Then she wriggles like a worm on crack.
Loves to hear us read her stories before naps. And loves her All Blacks teddy bear mobile. Even though she knows that means its nap time. Its hilarious. 
Loves to Skype with her grandparents, lots of giggles and smiles each time.
Likes to rub her Daddys beard. And give her Mums face little slaps lol.
Is going through a great patch of sleeping. But I don't want to jinx it, so I shall leave it at that.
She talks to herself and blows bubbles and squeals and it's all just enough to make you giggle.
Still loves her IKEA gym, her net ball and her squeaky mouse. She is now infatuated with her Dragon.
Will giggle and crack up laughing at seemingly random things, of which we repeat constantly to try an get more giggles out of her. But its on her timetable not ours.
LOVES any screen of any size. Much to my horror. What can I say, she is her Fathers Daughter.
Is just the happiest little girl. And the infatuation just gets greater.

Oh Soph. 


  1. Gorgeous post! I can so relate. Time for us to get a jolly jumper, since I'm copying you on everything else (cloth nappy addiction, buggy...). So glad you're still finding time to blog x

  2. Oh happy five months you sweet little soph!! How time flies!!


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