Thursday, 16 July 2015

6 months with a Badgelet

This is Sophie at 6 months.

She is...
Funny. She makes us laugh every day.
Easy going. We know if she cries there is something wrong, otherwise she is pretty chill.
Sweet. She still likes to cuddle in to our shoulders and snuggle.
Loud. She bup-bup-bups and blows rasberries and shrieks and makes all kinds of noise. Its lovely actually.
Curious. Has her nose in everything and turns to each new noise. Wants to grab everything, taste everything and know everything.
Playful. Still likes to roll on the mat and play with her IKEA gym, but now she loves her walker play set way more.
Willful. She prefers to hold her bottle, rather than us. She doesn't want to eat her purees but she wants to smash the bowl on the high chair tray.
Teething. Poor little girl has red cheeks and swollen gums.
A pro at skyping. She skypes her Grandparents a few times a week and chats away. It is so lovely that we can see her responding to them and learning their voices.

How has time flown so fast?


  1. Oh time you are such a bitch! I get all the feels looking at photos of the babies and then now it's just too much. It all happens too fast!

    1. So fast! It feels like just yesterday I was telling you I was late lol

    2. I wish I got notifications when you respond to my comments!! It truly does feel like yesterday!!! And it gives me all the feels. So old already!!

  2. Def a Skype pro full marks on that one


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