Monday, 13 July 2015

Baby Brain

Baby brain
I did not believe this existed.

I admit it. I was a complete cow to my sister when she said she had baby brain.
“There is no such thing”
“I bet a man came up with that”

A thousand apologies my beautiful sister.


And I am sure it strikes the second your egg is fertilised.
I struggled so much at work during my pregnancy.
Then I had Sophie and it went up another level.
Now I am trying to adult and simultaneously be a petrophysicist.
I can’t even keep the days straight haha. 

Here is life with me and my baby brain. 

I literally never know what day it is. Unless its Monday. Even I know Mondays. Today I messaged someone and said Happy Wednesday. Apparently its Thursday.

I repeat the same questions to Rob again and again –
“Do you remember the time we went to the Alamo?”
10 minutes later
“hey meow, do you remember when we went to the Alamo?”
5 minutes later
“Do you remember the Alamo?"

To get into my floor at work you need to swipe a security badge (it has been that way since before I started which was 2009). Last week I stood in front of the door waiting for it to open for 5 minutes before I realised it was waiting on me.

I have forgotten to tag off with my bus card several times. Then panicked. Then tried to run after the bus.

Needed panty liners. Went into Priceline. Spent $94. Realised later I forgot to get liners. And bought the wrong shade of foundation.

Realised the foundation was the wrong colour after wearing it for a few days and wondering why my face looked different.

I literally never manage to shut the fridge door.
...although in fairness, that isn't a new thing.

Lost approximately seven cups of tea. I don’t know where they went.

 Started so many trains of thought and conversations and then completely forgotten what I was…
What was I saying?

At the coffee store I often stand there waiting for change when I haven’t paid them. Or when I don’t need change. Or just because I am unaware of other human beings around me.

And, it appears that in true baby brain nature, I forgot to hit publish on this post. Isn;t that lovely?

She's worth it though :p 


  1. Oh this is hilarious and so relatable.

    1. Haha its like.. where did my brain go? I have the dumb.

  2. Finally she believes me! Apology accepted :-)

  3. Hilarious post! I really hoped it was a myth too.

    1. Thanks hun! Haha yeah, I wished it was. But conversations with me now prove otherwise!

  4. How adorable. We were gifted a very similar romper when my eldest was little, she is now 17. They grow up too quickly.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, she is just so sweet. I have been trying so hard to work on being present and grateful - especially when she is screaming or overtired!


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