Monday, 27 July 2015

Just Another Newborn Essentials List

There are lists like this all over the net. But hey, why not throw in my two cents?!

Here is what I had and actually NEEDED/LOVED for Soph when she was just a wee little poppet.
Read actually needed because I had a room full of stuff.

Bassinet - I almost didn't get my Moses basket. I nearly let a few people talk me out of it. Thank goodness I got it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. To start off with, its beautiful, and amazingly made (in New Zealand by Baby Trenz). Not to mention that it was the handiest thing we had. We had it next to me while I was on the couch (or my human nest) and it got carried back and forward from our room to the lounge each day. Sophie had her day naps in it up until she turned 3 months, and she has just gone into her crib at night time, so well after 4 months. When she wigged out in the evenings, one of the ways we would calm her was by rocking her basket back and forward. The basket now sits in her Nursery with all her soft toys in it, and will be in use if we have another babe, and will be hers for when she has a kid. The New Zealand wool mattress is warm and soft and airs well. I truly love it.

Swaddles - well, in truth we never burrito baby swaddled her because a - it was so bloody hot, and b - she got really annoyed being all tight and wrapped. But I did loosely wrap her in it, and the muslin was good with just a nappy when it was really warm. Plus we used them as a blanket in her bassinet.

Singlets/Tank tops - I had none of these before she was born (bizarre since I had every other piece of clothing).  These were great to get a little something on her without over heating her, and I know we know have heaps of them since the weather has cooled turn, so if babe is newborn in Summer or Winter they seem pretty essential.

Muslin washcloths - they got used for everything from bath time, to cooling her down in the heat.

Blooming bath - Sophie's first baths were in a plastic tub, and then she moved into a bigger plastic tub. Now she has baths and showers with us. The blooming bath served a couple of uses. Most importantly, it cushions her wee head against the edge of the tubs. The petals can be folded down to create a little seat to adjust the depth of the tub too. Also, well heck, it looks absolutely adorable too. I still use it against the end of the tub when she baths with me and she loves the bright color of the cushy petals. Oh, and importantly, I just drain it in the shower and throw it in the washing machine. Very durable and dries in the sun, or from a spin cycle.

Oh sweet baby. You were so tiny.

All in ones - like you know the pj/onesies that just button or zip right up. The easier the better. Cos those brand new little babes don't like having their nappies changed.

White noise machine - A heartbeat one in her bassinet seemed to help with keeping her naps long.

Coconut oil - We used this for cradle cap, dry skin, and eczema. But remember, don't oil up babe and carry her around. They are slippery suckers!

Feeding pillow - My boppy was the BEST. I swear by it. For balancing her while she was feeding, for propping her up, for tummy time. And I still use it - 6 months later, for when she has her bottle, to help her learn to sit, and to prop her up on her belly. Bestest. I think my sister didn't have one for her first born, and then did for her second, and she said it made such a big difference.

Ikea Play gym - Literally the best $20 purchase I made for her. She has loved it since really early and still lobes it now.


  1. Babies require so much gear it's insane. But don't really require it you know? And one baby needs his swing and the next is like what, no! My bopping is my fav!!

    1. Yeah that's a good point, and one day they might love the swing and the next day its like argghhh get me out of this damn thing!


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