Thursday, 9 July 2015

Travel Thursday: The Alamo

Do you remember the Alamo?
I do!

In April last year we drove to San Antonio for a long weekend. It was so lovely! We absolutely loved being there. It was a really different version of Texas. 

We went during Fiesta and had a great time eating and drinking and exploring. 

One of the must do things of course was visit the Alamo. I had no idea how interesting I would find it. What a crazy history. It was definitely worth the crowds. 

The old stone walls around the outside are part of the original fortifications. And how amazing are the cactus? 


  1. This is something I sure wouldn't mind to see someday!!

  2. The pictures you took are wonderful. I went to the Alamo several times as a kid. I definitely want to go back and take the tour as an adult.


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