Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What Sophie Wore: Peachy Keen

Oh Soph. 
Those rosey teething cheeks. 
Those little ears shaped just like your Daddy's. 
Those chubby little toes. 
Those big, deep eyes. 
Your sudden love of picking things up and staring, trying to figure out what they are and how they fit in this big, crazy world.

Won't you stay little for always? 

Bib c/o Bugsey Bee
Top and pants Carter's 


  1. She is just TOO darling. I love this age. When they're just rosy and cute and cuddly and not too mobile yet (well... sorta).

    1. Yes, it really is such a fun age! So happy and round and chubby and sweet :)

  2. It's all too much. Too soon. Never grow up!!


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