About Me

Hey Y'all!

So! Are you a new reader? 
Or are you an old pal? 
Either way, helloooooo!

Times have been changing! 
If you have been around for awhile you will know that I am a vintage dress wearing, paleo eating, badger loving Kiwi, married to a, (lovely) football loving, crossfit doing, comic book reading fellow Kiwi. The last two years we have been in Texas, eating and exploring our way through the States. Now, we are in Western Australia, have just had a wee poppet, are testing the waters of parenthood, surviving the heat and enjoying our new adventures.

I hope you enjoy exploring my blog. I like to write about things.

Sometimes those things are:
Exploring the world, our time in the States and a few spots in Europe

Things about me you should know..

Well, I like to laugh. 
And make songs up on the spot. 
I like to cook yummy things. 
I like to wear beautiful dresses.
Sometimes I dance around the house just because. 
I love watching old movies. 
I don't really like the smell of pet food. 
I like making people laugh.
I like to drink nice hot cups of tea. 
But am partial to a margarita or champagne if its going.
Sometimes I spell things in Kiwi English, sometimes Australian, and sometimes American English. I promise I can spell. It's just geographically confused haha.. (you may see color, colour, programme, program etc... :P)

Please note, pants are not my first choice of clothing.

Happy reading.

Maybe we can be pals. No pressure...


Sarah xo

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Have a nice day! 


  1. You have a lovely blog, It's awesome to see other bloggers like me putting their beauty out into the world. :D Congratulations

  2. Thanks Yasmine! I really enjoy writing on my blog, and it means a lot when I get such lovely comments! Thanks for popping by : )

  3. You are a such great person, I'm really happy and lucky to be working with you.
    You have an awesome personality.
    wish you all the best always

    1. Thanks Samir! You are great, I love working with you! Hope you had fun looking around the blog : )

  4. I can't wait to dive into your blog when I have time to spend some time with it/you. Being a Texan living in Australia, I too have random American/Australian spellings. :)

    1. Thank you! Oh I miss Texas so much! Where in Texas are you from?


  5. Hi, from your newest reader Bron from Flat Bum Mum. x

    1. Hi! Looking forward to catching up on some reading on yours this weekend! Xo


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